Pacer: Classic Returns with Polished Gameplay and Enhanced Multiplayer Experience

Long Tale Games is excited to announce the relaunch of Pacer: Classic, a high-octane anti-gravity racing game on LTG Multiverse. This variant of the game preserves the beloved features of the original project, introduces more polished gameplay, and restores the multiplayer experience. The game is available for Windows users on LTG Multiverse. To celebrate the relaunch, Pacer: Classic is available at a special 25% discount off its base price of $19.99.

Pacer: Classic will be the first variant of the game released by LTG since the relaunch. The game will become the starting point of a series of modifications. The publisher is going to continue the development of the project by creating multiple standalone projects—or variants—based on the original game, which will be united by the PacerVerse brand.

Pacer was originally released on Steam in 2020. Both the gaming community and industry press acknowledged the game's significant potential, and now as it embarks on its second life cycle, it aims to captivate a broader audience. Pacer: Classic has been given a fresh new look and a host of new features that will appeal to both new and existing players. Long Tale Games team has preserved all the finest elements of the original project and plans to use it as a platform for further development of the game universe. The online component will receive special attention during the relaunch.

Pacer: Classic Press Kit